Saturday, June 12, 2010


I still remember my school times I had with AZLYN ZAWAWI...some were happy, some were sad….as the years pass and we grow apart,she is still AZLYN ZAWAWI that I knew before.Her attitude (sensitive, caring and so loving),( sgt garang & sgt berdisiplin..hehehe), her life principle and her passion to succeed, are still the same. She’s the one who when all the world is telling her ‘NO”, she always tell herself ‘YES’ thousand times louder….

To my luvly old friend, u really inspire me in every way..,I like you just the way u are, no ifs,ands or buts, just simply u…the school moments may have ended but the memories of 4 of us, last forever…♥

To MADAM AZLYN ZAWAWI’s students, your lecturer is a wonderful women with good hearts to lend, and she will always be the best lecturer to all of u that you’ll never forget….


  1. omg, i am deeply touched by this. thanks tiq :-)

  2. yup..she very excellent lect dat i was meet.